My Journey of Development with Interaction Design Foundation (IxDF) — A Review

Anri Shakiashvili
4 min readSep 15, 2023

When I received an email from the Interaction Design Foundation (IxDF) stating, “We’ve just conducted a database analysis of our course participants, and your name emerged as one of the top 10% performers,” I was both pleasantly surprised and deeply honored. Over the past few months, I’ve had the privilege of taking numerous courses offered by IxDF. Now, it’s time to share my story with you.

My journey into the field of UX began in 2018. Initially, my approach to learning was rather disorganized. I primarily relied on random articles, YouTube videos, and advice from friends within the UX community. I lacked a clear sense of direction, and my studies lacked structure. The abundance of diverse opinions and theories I encountered left me feeling perplexed. However, a friend introduced me to the Interaction Design Foundation, and from that moment on, my career development took a significant leap forward.

So what I wanted?

  • I aimed to enroll in a prestigious institution offering globally recognized certificates.
  • I desired the flexibility of studying online at my own convenience.
  • I sought to acquire proficiency in UX terminology in English, facilitating my ability to work effectively in an international setting.

What truly stands out to me in my learning journey with IxDF is…

  • The content is very well structured with a bunch of real life examples to better understand the topic.
  • Learning experience is a perfect blend of both theoretical concepts and hands-on practical exercises.
  • My responses are not only subject to automated grading but also receive thorough manual evaluation by UX design experts who offer constructive feedback.
  • I can participate in discussions with my international peers and exchange knowledge.
  • I have access to live streams and webinars organized by IxDF together with world-class experts.
  • Customer support — IxDF pays close attention to their members’ feedback to continuously enhance the platform. The support they offer to members is exceptional, with quick response times, personally handled by Rikke Friis Dam, one of the founders.
  • Learning path — If you’re aspiring to become an Interaction Designer and feeling uncertain about what to study, fret not — you can discover structured learning pathways on the IxDF website. Each pathway comprises a curated selection of courses designed to guide you from a novice to an expert in the field.


I’ve dedicated a separate section to discuss pricing because the Interaction Design Foundation offers exceptionally affordable rates. This affordability is not a reflection of low quality; rather, it stems from their commitment to making education accessible to everyone. For a very modest annual fee, you gain access to a wide range of courses, neatly categorized into three main levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

Courses I recommend

In my view, these courses are the ultimate resource for individuals seeking to either transition into a new career or enhance their existing skills.

Final Thoughts

My time at IxDF has proven to be an invaluable learning experience. Thanks to the knowledge and skills I’ve acquired here, I’ve gained a significant boost in confidence within the field of UX design, which was entirely unfamiliar to me a couple years ago. The courses are exceptionally engaging, motivating me to study consistently and advance at a much swifter pace.

Please bear in mind that online courses alone do not guarantee immediate job placement. It’s essential to complement your learning with the development of a strong portfolio, showcasing your application of the skills acquired through case studies. Additionally, don’t overlook the importance of regular practice and networking within the community, as these are excellent starting points.

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